Sell your caravan

Sell your caravan


Want to sell your caravan without the hassle? Are you looking to maximize the sale price whilst minimizing the stress? Let us sell your vehicle for you.

It's a very simple process.

Step 1
Submit the details of your vehicle online and we will give you an estimate for your vehicle.

Step 2
We arrange an appointment for your caravan to be inspected.

Step 3
Your vehicle is inspected at the dealership by our staff and listed for sale.

Reasons to sell your caravan with Five Star

  1. There is no cost to you if we can’t sell your van.
  2. We have customers visiting the dealership every day looking to purchase quality used vehicles.
  3. A large percentage of buyers require finance, and we can provide competitive finance packages.
  4. Your life won’t be interrupted with people not showing up for appointments.
  5. We can offer buyers solutions for your van to better suit their needs. We can supply and fit batteries, solar panels, awnings and more. This can facilitate a sale that may not otherwise occur.
  6. We have sales professionals ready to sell your van.